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The Ease of a Relaxed In-home Motherhood Portrait Session | West Chester, PA | Moon Bloom Photo

Updated: Apr 11

mom and daughters on bed

Intimate, Authentic Motherhood Moments Captured in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Motherhood is one of my favorite subjects to explore with my camera. And while I love a good meadow romp, walk in the woods, and dip in the creek, I think that motherhood portraiture is at its best when documented in the comfort of home. Hear me out on this:

In-home motherhood sessions are not just for mothers with newborns or infants--

they can also be a great way to capture special moments, milestones, and memories with toddlers or school-age children. In fact, having an in-home portraits taken with your children as they grow can be a wonderful way to time-capsule their developing personalities and ever-changing interests, as well as your deepening bond. These photos will serve as a reminder of the love you share for years to come and will become a memento of what life was like when your children were young.


An in-home photo session is a convenient, hassle-free option in which you have the flexibility to schedule according to your family's own unique rhythm and flow. Between feeding, changing, soothing, naptime, and your older kids before/after school routine, your hands are full! I understand if a sunrise or sunset golden hour photoshoot doesn't fit into your schedule. My in-home sessions are typically scheduled for mornings or afternoons-- a good time for most families with young children (as well as for the natural light conditions in your home). The beauty of these in-home portrait sessions is that, as the photographer, I come to you. It eliminates the hassle of getting everyone out of the house, and arriving on-time to a perhaps unfamiliar location, as well as the threat of loosing light while your toddler has a meltdown and the sun is sinking fast. There is no strict timeline. These motherhood sessions typically run an hour and a half to two hours-- this allows for the grace to take as many breaks as needed. My goal is for everyone to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience.


In-home photos allow you to stay in your own comfy nest, with all the things you need for your children within reach. No need to worry about where to change your baby, or what to do with the diaper! Toddlers and school-age kids, surrounded by their own toys, able to climb their own couch, and raid their own fridge for snacks, are often very relaxed. Chill children = Chill mama = Beautiful Portraits! With all your littles at-ease, you too get to relax, be yourself, and enjoy your children. Being at-ease and comfortable in your own home, helps me to capture authentic connections and real deal motherhood moments.


These in-home motherhood photo sessions often masquerade as mommy-and-me stay in and play dates. This allows me the opportunity to document special, but often overlooked, moments: from snuggles, to bath time, to imaginative play, reading storybooks together, and everything in between. We can incorporate a favorite nook, your child's most beloved toy, a backyard activity, mealtime, or any other personal elements that reflects your unique motherhood story.

In conclusion, in-home motherhood photo sessions are a wonderful way to capture special moments and memories with your children, no matter their age (bring on the tweens and teenagers)! These photo sessions provide comfort, convenience, and the opportunity for memories to actually be made- this means we get to make some meaningful photographs together! If you're a busy mom, or just a mom who wants to document your journey in an intimate and authentic way, consider booking an in-home session.

Here's a sneak peak into mid-morning motherhood portrait session in West Chester, PA. These photos celebrate baby sister's one year birthday milestone. This mama and her girls spent the morning playing, snuggling, and by the time I headed out, everyone was cuddled up in bed and ready for nap.

mother playing with blocks with her daughters in the family room

mother soothing infant daughter

mother helping toddler jump off pouf

mother nursing daughter on bed

mother playing with daughters in bed

mother ticking baby

mother looking intently at baby

baby on a bed

mother playing with infant daughter

mother snuggling with daughters in the nursery

mother and daughter looking through glass window

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