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Introducing the "Moon Bloom Baby" Bundle to Document Your Baby's First Year | Delaware Family Photographer

Updated: Apr 11

a baby nurses while the mom reads a picture book during a moon bloom photo newborn photo session in Kennet square, pa

The first year of your baby's life can be wild a ride, and it goes by in a blink!

As a Delaware family photographer, I am excited to introduce the "Moon Bloom Baby" bundle-- a combo package perfect for documenting your family throughout your baby's first year. I am a mother of four myself, and I know that life with kids can be a blur. If I didn't have photographs of my toddler's dimpled, toothless baby grin how would I ever remember?

The Moon Bloom Baby bundle includes four sessions to help you to hold onto the memories: Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, and a Family Photo Session!

You receive a Petite Maternity Session. 

Let's celebrate your pregnancy! Petite maternity sessions are mama-focused and meant to honor you and your beautiful belly!

30 minutes/10 images.

You receive a Full Fresh 48 or Newborn Session. 

My newborn sessions lean documentary and are relaxed and family-centered. Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital and Newborn sessions take place in the home. You get the full experience. Learn more HERE.

90 minutes/40+ images.

You receive a Petite lifestyle Milestone Session. 

Perfect for any milestone in your baby's first year and exclusive to this package bundle. Have you reached your breastfeeding goals? or Is baby sitting up? I recommend scheduling this one for sometime between 6 and 9 months. Babies are typically sitting up, crawling around, thier cheeks are chunky and their personalities have blossomed.

30 minutes/10 images.

You receive a Petite First Birthday Family Session. 

This lifestyle family session is scheduled right around your baby's first birthday. BYO cake!

30 minutes/10 images.

At the end of the year, you receive an Heirloom Album!

A beautiful velvet album with a year's worth of memories inside!

One of the things that I love about being a Delaware family photographer who photographs the full scope of parenthood is that I am able to witness a family grow over the course of an entire year. With this bundled package, I will be seeing you four times over the course of the year. This means that we will get very comfortable with one another-- making every photoshoot feel relaxed and fun and this ease comes through in the pictures!

Why I think The Moon Bloom Baby bundle is awesome (and I hope you will too): 

  • The Moon Bloom Baby bundle makes a wonderful group baby shower gift. Your baby can only wear (and spit up on) so many 0-3 month onesies. These images from your baby's first year will be moments you can treasure forever. 

  • Four sessions spread out over the course of a year, means that there will be plenty of variety and we will be able to experience all the seasons through your photos.

  • You baby is going to grow and change so much the first year of their life. From bump, to babe, to toddler! This packages allows you to capture it all.

Moon Bloom Baby Add-ons include:

Keepsake Film.

You can choose a film add-on option to make a mini documentary of your baby's first year. Still images are wonderful to look back on, but a short film that captures the growth of your family over the first year of your baby's life? That has emotional impact. Pass the tissues!

Documentary Birth Photography

I am on-call for you from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby. Documentary coverage from active labor until 2 hours postpartum. All the images to tell the story of your baby's birth. Did you know that I make birth films too? Learn more about birth photography and films HERE.

Would you like your baby to be a Moon Bloom Baby? Let's chat to see if this bundle is right for your family! I’d love to capture beautiful memories of your baby's first year for you. 

Inquire HERE.

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