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Birth Stories

Birth is powerful and the day you meet your baby will transform your life! You will want to remember this day forever.


Documenting your birth story will capture all of your raw strength and beauty, and the love and support that helped you bring your child earth-side.​ 


Documenting your birth story also helps you process the events through an objective lens and photographs enable you to share with your child the wonder of their birth, normalizing this natural process.


Birth Photography and Videography


Pre-consultation via zoom.

Complementary Maternity Session.

On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until baby's birth.

Documentary coverage from active labor until two hours postpartum.

Optional peer-to-peer birth processing via zoom.

Private online gallery.


*Inquire about portfolio building discounts.

*Payment plans available. 

*Special rates for teen and young mothers

Birth Film Add-on

In Addition to birth photography offered above:

5-10 Minute birth film set to licensed music

1-3 minute teaser/highlight Reel​


Read A Birth Center Birth Story HERE:

"We originally hired Ali for our homebirth, then we learned about a devastating diagnosis at our anatomy scan, limiting our babies life to a few short hours on earth. Ali showed so much compassion and still offered her services even though the plans dramatically changed. We had a scheduled date for our sons arrival but he came a week early. She was there on such short notice and produced the most beautiful video. Birth videos are such a unique art in and of themselves, but being that our time with our son was so short and pictures/videos are the memories we have to look back on, this gift means everything. She perfectly captured the dance of grief and joy throughout the day in the hospital and all of our kids personalities. This is something we will truly cherish forever. Thank you Ali! I highly recommend her services to anyone in the birth world"


Birth Photography 

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