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In-Home Family Photography...It Is Not About Your Home! | Reassurance from a Delaware Photographer

There is a misconception that gorgeous in-home photography requires a beautifully aesthetic home. This simply is not true! I never want for my families to feel that in-home photography isn't an option for them because their homes aren't perfectly "aesthetic".

I work with real families who live in real-life, lived-in, loved-in homes!

a father and son play with a firetruck during an in-home family photo session in Dover, Delaware.
Did you notice the diaper pail and changing table in the background of this photo? Probably not until I mentioned them, right? When looking at this image, my eyes are drawn to the sweet moment of a father playing with his son!

I know that there are a lot of photos shared on social media these days of flawlessly styled lifestyle portraits, but in-home photography is not limited to those with luxury home finishes or magazine worthy décor. When I come into your home to photograph your family, I do not focus on your furnishings. My style is all about capturing authentic family connections, emotion, and fleeting moments as they unfold. Personally, I could care less about the crumbs on your kitchen countertops or what kind of flooring you have. I don't expect plump pillows or neatly made beds. I am not taking photos of the clutter on your dresser and I don't care if you purchased your comforter from Anthropologie or from Walmart. Even if your couch is a looking little sad these days-- as long as the family that I am photographing on it is comfortable and happy-- I can take stunning photos that tell your unique story the way it looks right now!

mama ticking her kids during in home family portraits in middletown delaware
Real-life family having real-life fun at one of my in-home photo sessions.

a mother nurses her baby as crazy shenangins ensue behind her during a Wilmington Delaware family photo session.
Infant side car in your master bedroom? Big brother shenanigans? No problem!

Two things that I absolutely adore about in-home family photography are: a family's comfort level in their own space (and how that come across in the photos!) and how photographing families in their homes opens up me the artistic opportunity to collaborate with my subjects in a very personalized and meaningful way.

Kids, especially toddlers, can take breaks at leisure to play with their toys or to have a snack or a quiet moment. A photo session feels more like a playdate and less like a chore when I come to you-- this helps with everyone's mood and stress level! Being in your space, enables me to document special, sometimes intimate, family activities like painting together at the kitchen table, reading a favorite storybook, snuggling in bed, playing on the jungle gym in the backyard, or sharing a meal together-- whatever is important to you in your life right now is what I want to capture.

a family eats a meal together during an in-home family photo shoot in Kennet Square, PA
This stay-at-home dad is responsible for weekday meal times. What better way to honor his important role in his children's lives, than with photos during breakfast?

I personally don't live in a beautifully decorated, spacious house-- maybe someday, but for now my walls are covered with crayon scribbles and my floors are a mine field of train tracks, Legos, and hot wheels cars. I can't seem to keep all my pictures straight with all the raucous. We are also in the thick of home renovations-- so on top of all the kid mess there are parts of my home that are under construction and have been for some time (we are currently down to the studs in our kitchen). Despite all this, I value photos of my family's real living space, and I've trained my eye to seek out beauty amidst the mayhem. I know that eventually when we move on from this house, I will want to look back at this time in my life when my family was young. There is no denying that we are living in a season of chaos right now-- but it is beautiful chaos and I want to remember it.

So, if you are curious about in-home photography for your family, but are hesitant because your home isn't Pinterest perfect, I'm here to tell you that in-home photography isn't about your home it's about the people who call it home.

Horsing around on the couch during a family photo session in chester county pa.
Horsing around on the couch (everyone does it).

Are Sunday morning snuggles your favorite? What's that one thing that you look forward to doing together as a family each week? Let that be the focus on your next in-home family photo session!

family listens to records together during a chester county pa family photo session at home.
What about music? This family enjoys listening to records together, so that is what I photographed while at their house. *No vintage vinyl was damaged during the making of this photograph*

a father making expresso during an in home family photo shoot.
Into coffee? What new parent isn't? Let's brew some during your next photo session!

Do you have a little who is just learning to walk. First steps are an important milestone and one that I love to capture in my family-focused in-home sessions.
Do you have a little who is just learning to walk? First steps are an important milestone and one that I love to capture in my family-focused in-home sessions.

a mother and son look out the window of their home at a family photo session in newark delaware.
What about saying goodbye to your home because you are planning to move soon? This photograph was taken just before this family moved out of their first home. This one-bedroom apartment was the home they brought their son home to after he was born. During their session we captured memories of spinning bike tires and looking out their favorite window at the street below.

To close, I'm going to invite you into my own living room. Here is a glimpse of those aforementioned fingerprints and even though this photo was taken a couple years ago, that stubborn star sticker is still stuck on our window today! Crayon graffiti down the hallways, slow-moving renovations, and all-- I love our house and all the people and creatures who live in it.

My daughter peering in at her little brother and cousin, spectators of the rain shower dance party happening on the deck.

Still hesitant but curious, about in-home photography? I'd love to CONNECT.

See before and after pics of our playroom declutter HERE.

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