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Documenting the Heart of Your Story | In-Home Photography | Delaware and Chester County Photographer

Growing up, my parents took on the challenge of building our family home, and the memories from those construction days are still vivid for me: excavator rides with my Uncle, our muddy "lot" boots lined up on the front porch; the smell of cold take-out pizza intermingling with fresh paint as my mom pulled yet another all-nighter priming the drywall, us kids aleep in a playtender, a space heater the only source of heat and a five gallon bucket for a toilet.

When a recent family asked if they could take some pictures with the tractor that had done so much of the heavy lifting with their own house build, I gladly agreed. Thier little girl playing with the gear shift, brought back memories from my own childhood and underscored the significance of in-home documentary photography for me in preserving the autheticity of a family's journey.

a small boy reads in his favorite reading chair in his kennet square home while his proud parents look on.
It was important for this family to document their son's voracious appetite for chapter books. Here he is reading "Fantastic Mr. Fox" in his favorite chair.

With every in-home photo session, my primary goal is to engage families in the creative process as much as possible. I firmly believe that the most meaningful images emerge when families actively contribute to the storytelling. I encourage them to share their unique vision, allowing the final photographs to be a true reflection of their current chapter. By involving families in this way, the images become not just pictures but a nuanced visual narrative that captures the story of their daily lives.

A mother embraces her newborn whole holding her older child's favorite stuffed animal in a kennet square pa in home newborn session.
Big Sis's favorite stuffy, "Piggie", was there for all the newborn snuggles during this in-home session. Ordinarily, I might ask if Piggie would like to watch as I take pictures, but in this case, I knew how special he was and didn't hesitate to capture this shot as he was treated with the same tenderness as any other member of the family.

To kickstart this collaborative process, I often begin by asking questions that prompt reflection on their everyday experiences. I celebrate each family's unique story by exploring the activities they enjoy doing together and inquire about recent milestones. Questions like, "What does a typical Sunday look like in your house?" open the door to discussions about family traditions, routines, and the simple joys that make each day special. I also ask things like: "Have any of your children recently lost a front tooth?", "Is your baby learning to walk?", "What is your child's favorite toy right now?" By delving into these specifics-- from playful weekend rituals to significant life events-- I gain insights that guide the photo session toward documenting moments that truly matter.

This personalized approach ensures that the resulting images not only capture the universal themes of family life but also spotlight the idiosyncrasies that make each family's story uniquely their own.

So I ask you: What makes your family special? What is the flavor of this season of life? (Ours is "Rocky Road" for sure!) What do you want to remember about this time in your life 20, 30, 40 years now?

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