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Birth Photography FAQ's | A Delaware Birth Photographer Answers All Your Questions

Updated: Apr 11

As a Delaware Birth Photographer, I want you to feel empowered in your decision to hire a photographer to document your birth. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you in this process

. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question that is not on this list!

What is Your Booking Process Like? 

After your initial inquiry, we schedule a zoom consult call to talk about all the things and to see if we are a good fit. A signed contract and a retainer secures your date!

What is Included in the Complementary Maternity Session?

 These complementary maternity sessions usually last 60 minutes and I deliver 20 images. I like to schedule them between 28 and 36 weeks.

I feel that meeting face-to-face before I show up to your birth space is super important. It allows us to get to know each other and develop a rapport that goes beyond zoom. While taking maternity photos we can discuss what has been going on in the later half of your pregnancy, if any parts of your birth plan has changed, how you are feeling, and what you are nervous/excited about going into your birth. I can demonstrate the use of my bounce flash and we can talk about the light I need to take pictures. It also helps you to get familiar with my photo delivery process.

Even if you decide on birth photography later in pregnancy and have already taken maternity photos, it can be fun to document that last few weeks before welcoming a new baby.

How far will you drive to photograph a birth?

I photograph births at Home, in Birth Centers, and at Hospitals within and 60 mile radius of area code 19804. If giving birth in a hospital, please check with your provider to ensure they do not have policies against birth photography.

When do you go on-call and what does that look like? 

I go on-call for you at 38 weeks. This means that from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby I am ready 24/7. My phone is on and close by, my ringtone is set obnoxiously loud.

My camera batteries are charged and my bag is packed. 

When should I call you?

Communication is so important! As someone who hired a birth photographer, but didn't give them ample notice to make it in time-- I want to save you that disappointment! Please keep me posted on anything notable that comes up at appointments as you reach full term. Feeling crampy? Lost your mucus plug? Planning to do something to get labor started? Let me know! I am a mother of four, the more heads up, the faster I can make it to your birth!

That being said, my goal is to arrive when you are in active labor. This ensures that my presence won’t distract you or prevent your labor from progressing.

Do you offer video? 

Yes!  I love to create birthday films for my families. While sitting for a while with a still photograph is a wonderful way to process birth, watching a video has unrivaled emotional impact. Contact me about upgrading your birth package to include a beautiful video about your child’s birth day.

When can I expect my images?

I feel very strongly that time is needed to create memories of your own of your birth. Unless otherwise arranged, I typically deliver birth images around one month postpartum. Birth films are typically delivered by 6 weeks postpartum.

How many images can I expect, and what is the best thing to ‘do’ with them? 

Because labor can be 2 hours long, or over 24 hours long, there are no set number of images that I give. I have delivered 75 images galleries and galleries that were well over 200 images. Regardless of the quantity, the images are going to capture your story and all its details.  

An heirloom album is my personal favorite way to enjoy images from my births, but I know of a few people who display their birth photos on their wall. A variety of albums and printed products are available for purchase in your gallery store.

How graphic will my photos be? 

This is something I like to talk about during our initial consult and again at your complementary maternity session. I usually start this conversation by asking "What are the must-take images you want from your birth story". I am always surprised by the variety of responses I get. Some women want to focus on their partner support and the emotions of meeting their baby, while others want to see all the details of the physiological process. If I know that you are modest and feel uncomfortable being exposed, I will do my best to frame the shots to censor nudity. If you really want crowning shots-- I am going to be upfront and center to make sure that you get those!

Do you share all births on social media?

No. While I believe there is power in sharing birth images on Instagram, Facebook and on my website, I always respect the family's wishes with regards to what they feel comfortable with being shared. During our consultation, we can discuss what you would and wouldn’t like shared. This is all finalized in our contract which states that I only share images with your written permission. I will always honor your preferences.

Why does birth photography cost so much?

I realize that birth photography is an investment for many families. and I offer payment plans to help make it more accessible. Most families pay a deposit, then monthly installments until the date I go on call for them.

I like to compare birth photography to wedding photography-- only you don't know the exact time or date of the wedding, or even how long the wedding will last! In addition to my on-call time, and the indeterminate amount of time spent at the birth, my editing process is time intensive.

What if the baby comes fast?

Just recently I photographed a birth where the family called me at 11:30pm saying it was go-time. Thankfully, I arrived at their place of birth just minutes before their baby was born at 11:48pm. They had only just made it to The Birth Center themselves! I arrived in time to capture their birth because I was waiting for their call and ready to go (I am also only about 10 minutes away). Sometimes things progress very quickly!

Good communication is key! I like to know during our initial consult if you have a history of fast labors and how those labors started. Sharing this history and the first signs of labor, helps me determine when I should come to your birth space.

How long do you stay after baby is born?

I stay at least 2 hours after birth-- or until after the newborn exam. This allows enough time to take pictures of baby's first latch, snuggles and skin-to skin, cord cutting, and sibling/family meeting the baby photos.

I want it to be very dark during birth, how will you take pictures in the dark? 

Many women like to give birth in a dark environment, myself included, and although my camera is equipped to handle low light situations, I do need SOME light to take quality images. If I feel like there isn’t enough light in your birth space, I may make some small tweaks. This could be opening a door to the hallway, adjusting the blinds, or turning on a lamp. If any of this bothers you in the moment, please let me know! During birth, I will often bounce my flash off the ceiling so I can capture all the action. My external flash is very different from the blinding pop-up flashes most people are accustomed to. I will never direct it near or towards your face (although I tend to flash myself all the time). Most of my families aren’t even aware that I’m using it. 

Will my birth photos be in colour, black and white, or both? 

I typically deliver images in an 80/20 ratio. 80% colour and 20% black and white. If you have a personal preference let me know-- I am happy to accommodate!

Why should I hire you when my partner can just take a couple photos on their iPhone?

As a professional photographer, I have spent years honing my craft and learning how to use my equipment. My camera can handle extreme low light and I know how to change my settings quickly when the lighting situation changes. I also am familiar with the birthing process and how to respect your sacred birth space. I know where to be and when. If you want professional quality photos, hire a professional!

How many birth clients do you take on each month?

I schedule only 2 births per month.

What is it like having a birth photographer in the room? Will you interact with us during the birth? 

This is something that we talk about over zoom and at your complementary maternity session-- I will always respect your birthing preferences. I will say that I am extremely empathetic and have the skill to read people and the energy of a room. I know when a birthing person needs the quiet to keep going inward and when words of affirmation and encouragement would be supportive-- it really all depends on how you cope with labor and what you need in the moment.

What if you miss my birth? 

I have yet to miss a birth, but if I were to miss a birth due to a precipitous labor, I would put your deposit towards another photo story like a fresh 48, newborn, or postpartum session. I will still document your postpartum moments. If I miss your birth due to sickness or a personal emergency I will refund your deposit. 

I am planning a home birth or a birth center birth. What happens in the event of a hospital transfer?

I will follow you to the hospital and continue documenting your birth story there!

What if I require a C-section?

This is a situation we talk about in your zoom consult and at your complementary maternity session. Every hosptial has different policies on whether or not they allow photographers into the OR. At this time, Christiana Hospital only allows one support person into the operating room for C-Sections. If I am unable to accompany you, I will try my best to hand my camera off to one of the nurses or even to your partner if you wish to have this part of your birth story documented. I will capture all the moments leading up to and immediately following.

Interested in Birth Photography? You can learn more HERE.

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