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Tarot and Motherhood with Laura Griffin, Psychic Reader | The Gypsy Blues | Lewes, Delaware

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

mother studying a tarot spread with a toddler on her lap.
My toddler and I studying a simple, three-card tarot spread: "Who was I?", "Who am I?", and "Who will I become?"

Personally, I use tarot as a means of self-reflection and as a way to broaden my perspective. It is a meditative tool that allows me to think deeply about things that are going on in my life and to turn them over in my mind, so I can examine each facet in a new light. I enjoy the poetry in the meaning, the beautiful artwork, and the tactility of the cards.

I usually do my readings on weekend mornings, with a cup of coffee and sunlight streaming in through the window. When the sun reaches a certain height in the sky it refracts through a piece of antique stained glass, sending rainbows dancing around the room. I light incense and lay my cards out on my freshly-made bed (more often than not) with one, or both, of my boys snuggled in my lap. With my goodwill copy of "Tarot for Beginners" and a notebook, I journal on the cards and the feelings and energies that come up. This has been such a great ritual to start the day!

A favorite card recently has been the Magician: "A true magician stands at the center of the universe, and all things radiate out from them. As they create... the nature of the universe within their mind becomes the nature of the universe in fact". This explanation reminds me a little of Dr. Strange and his multiverse, but also of my dad telling me countless times throughout my life that I have the power to create my own happiness. I like this concept of harnessing the 'magic of the mind' and recently have been trying to be more aware of how my perceptions and internal dialog affect my reality.

Often during these weekend morning readings, the themes and archetypes of motherhood pop up for me-- shedding insight into my relationships with my children, my relationship with myself, and the challenges I'm working to overcome as a mother.

Whether tarot is something new to you, or already a valuable part of your spiritual journey, I hope you enjoy this interview with Laura Griffin, psychic reader and Creatrix of The Gypsy Blues in which we discuss all things tarot and motherhood.

Without further delay, Let me introduce you to Laura!

Tarot reader, Laura Griffin,  of the Gypsy Blues during a virtual reading

Would you kindly tell us who you are and a little about what you do?

My name is Laura and I am the owner of The Gypsy Blues. My business is a one-woman-show, as I create my products myself and provide psychic readings, too! I like to say my business is a love-child of my spirituality and creative passions. I started Gypsy shortly after entering my spiritual journey, and it’s evolved right along with me for the past 5 years.

As far as physical products, I’d say I am most known for my hand-poured candles! This was the first product line that really helped my business grow and it’s one of my favorite things to create. My candles are reiki infused, with unique scents and high-quality ingredients. I sell candles topped with herbs and crystals as well, to enhance their magic and help you set intentions for them at home!

I am also a reiki healer, contemporary shaman and psychic, and provide readings in person & via email. All of those fancy titles really just mean I’ve gained certification and experience that translates into me, helping YOU! As a psychic I’m big on empowering my clients and helping them gain clarity. My style is maybe a little different than others, but there are no smoke and mirrors to it- I’m open, supportive, honest and feel like I gain a friend every time I sit with someone. There is a level of vulnerability that comes with a reading that I honor and hold sacred each time.

Overall, I’m a small business owner, wife & mother with big dreams that after 5 years of hard work, are finally beginning to come true!

How did you first become interested in tarot, and how has your interest evolved over time?

I’ve been asked this question before, and it’s funny that the beginning of my path into tarot is sort of a…fog. It feels like I was led to the cards in some strange way, like they just fell into my lap!

Psychic Laura Griffin of the Gypsy Blues lays down tarot cards during a spiritual reading.

I first started down a more spiritual path by getting into crystals - as many people these days are - and I must have followed some social media pages about spirituality, or maybe saw cards in a store one day, and something clicked. I remember buying my first deck myself (it’s a myth that you can’t buy your own decks), and I was so excited when they came in the mail. It was The Wild Unknown tarot - which I still use today, even in my client readings.

Over time I went from having this as sort of a hobby or interest, into realizing that it was empowering my own intuition. I was learning so much about myself, my world, my people and my own beliefs. From crystals, to tarot, to energy cleansing & protection, crafting my own spells and reading a million books on spiritual topics…I can’t even put a label on the journey. My one decision to buy a deck of cards and continue to learn them was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It led me to my purpose - and in turn, helps me to help others.

When it comes to my relationship with tarot now, I use the cards often to be a visual guide for my readings. I’m grateful to those cards and the magic they hold, but I’ve realized the gift of “sight” is inside of me already - tarot is a visual journey through what I can see, feel and hear from Spirit. And that’s what it can become for anyone else, too!

For those that may not know, can you give us a brief overview of what tarot is and how it can be used for personal reflection?

Since the beginning of time (literally) humans have been trying to connect to something “higher”. There are even cave paintings of moon cycles, constellations, etc. Humans are naturally a piece of the divine - our souls came here with a unique purpose and often we find ourselves seeking what that is.

 Death, from The Visconti-Sforza Tarot, ca. 1450. Made in Milan, Italy.

Tarot cards are just another tool to seek with! They have been around since the 1400’s and maybe even before that. Originating in northern Italy, they were part of a card game that was not for divination. But eventually people started using cards for connecting with messages from Spirit - and although the churches were not a fan, tarot survived and is one of the most popular divination tools today.

(You can read a detailed early history of Tarot and view some beautiful examples of Medieval tarot cards that were exhibited in a collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art HERE)

Tarot cards are a great tool for self-reflection, gaining clarity and insight, and hearing messages from your angels / guides. Each card tells a story on their own, and when combined, they can show different aspects, people, and energies at play in your life. When you read your own cards or sit for a reading from someone else, you’re opening yourself up to the Universe’s messages for you. Often times I find that clients come in with a specific question, and although it may get answered, there are other messages for them that they didn’t expect to hear. That’s the beauty of tarot…you’re seeking answers, yet you’re given so much more, too.

Out of the 22 Major Arcana, which cards are the most symbolic of motherhood?

This is an amazing question! I sat with this for a bit before coming to an answer, since I feel that every card in the Major Arcana can show a different side of the beautiful & challenging journey of motherhood.

Laura Griffin, psychic reader of The Gypsy Blues, presents the "Mother of Pentacles" during a tarot reading.

I would first say, The Empress - the card of feminine energy, creation, fertility, and connection. The Empress moves in her power - where softness meets strength. She receives guidance from the Universe and also gives guidance to those who need it. She is in flow & in tune, even as the world spins crazily around her. As a mother, we need to remind ourselves that we all hold this sacred energy - we created LIFE, and we nurture & guide that life now. When you don’t believe you are enough, remember you have already done the most amazing thing on this planet. So stay in flow with yourself, and trust it.

The High Priestess is another card that I feel represents motherhood. We guide our children intuitively, whether we are aware of that or not - think of those times when you *know* something is going on with your child, when they’re sick, what they need, etc. We are hard-wired to be connected to our children. As a parent, we have to guide not only with logic & reason, but with our intuition. The High Priestess energy is unique, natural, and aligned with our soul purpose. As mothers (and women in general) we are often made to feel like we don’t know anything. But in reality, we naturally / intuitively know exactly what our children need - and when we’re really at a loss, we look to another high priestess for guidance.

Tarot Cards: the "Mother of Pentacles" and 'The Empress"-- and a "Mother Mary" oracle card.

In your experience, how can tarot help mothers deal with issues such as guilt and stress as well as feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy?

Spirituality in general, aside from just tarot, can be a very helpful tool in the motherhood journey. We all deal with guilt, stress, overwhelm, and feeling lost. Having a practice in place that grounds us and reminds us of our connection to something bigger than ourselves can be therapeutic for all of those issues & more!

When we need answers, we can look to the cards for the clarity we’re seeking. Taking that time for yourself is the first step here - ask for help with babysitting, take time for yourself during naps, or wherever you can work in that time to just sit with yourself & with spirit.

When you sit with your cards, ask for clarity on the situation in your heart. How can you relieve your stress? What are you already doing right, and what could use a healthy change? Spirit is here to help us, guide us, and remind us we are doing the right things - and also show us where we could improve. So ask your questions like you’d ask a friend, or even just vent to Spirit if you need to. Often times I find myself talking out-loud and asking for a sign or some help…and Spirit always answers that call, in one way or another.

Laura Griffin spreading her oracle decks during a reading with sage burning in a shell.

Can you share an example of how tarot has helped you on your own spiritual and motherhood journey?

Tarot and my spiritual practice has kept me rooted in my sense of self. Becoming a mom was a hard transition for me - I struggled heavily with postpartum depression & anxiety, losing my sense of self, and finding a new version of myself, too.

I had strayed from readings & a healthy spiritual practice for a little while after my son was born. I didn’t feel I had the energy for it, but looking back I think it would’ve helped me if I took that time for myself to re-center and ground.

Tarot has always been a key factor in my personal growth, and becoming a mom was no different in that aspect. Making time to sit with spirit and receive messages, whether for myself or for clients, reminds me of my purpose outside of just being a mom and having all those pressures of motherhood & running a home on me. Being involved in my spiritual practice daily, even if I only have time to say a prayer or light an intentional candle, reminds me I have support from my angels and the universe.

I also love when my son comes to my side to check out my cards & crystals - he thinks they’re so cool, and I can’t wait to teach him one day, if that’s what he wants!

In what ways can tarot be used to gain insight into relationships, like those between a mother and child?

Tarot and any form of psychic reading can be super helpful in analyzing relationship dynamics, any issues or strengths, etc - and it’s no different for mother & child! You can ask your cards / your reader things like, “how does my child view me?” Or, “how can I better nurture my child? What do they need most right now?”. This is especially helpful for when you hit those rough teenage years, or if you have a toddler who is struggling and can’t verbalize what their needs are.

I personally even asked my cards once how I can get my child to sleep better…yes…I was at rock bottom with it haha! But overall, a reading to see the dynamics between you & your child can be helpful and insightful. Many times Spirit has wonderful advice for us because they see the bigger picture, and us being open to making changes or doing self work in order to improve these relationships is key.

How can tarot be used to cultivate a deeper sense of intuition and self-awareness for mothers?

In my own experience, tarot has been such a key tool in trusting my intuition overall. Women throughout history have been beat down in one way or another. We’ve been called “witches”, which then evolved to “crazy” or “weird.” Just because we’re following our intuition! And add in motherhood to that equation…it’s hard enough to trust yourself as a woman, and especially as a mother when we never know if we’re doing things “right”.

Think about how many times in your own life you’ve been dismissed for following your intuition. Eventually, that gets to you. So for me, picking up a deck of cards and realizing that I can trust my natural ability was so empowering. In the beginning I didn’t trust myself much - but through time, experience, and even learning the hard way, I’ve gained that deeper awareness.

Psychic Reader, Laura Griffin, shuffles a deck of oracle cards during a tarot reading.

So my tip for women and mothers in this instance is to follow your gut and your heart. If you feel drawn to cards - go for it! There is something in there that your spirit is yearning for you to learn or seek. By training yourself to trust your intuition and listen to it, that will effect every aspect of your life in a positive light. Even just sitting for a reading with a trusted psychic is empowering - I’ve heard so many times from my clients that I’m telling them everything they’ve been feeling, but didn’t know if they should trust. Your intuition is your guide through this life. You’re not just a human having a spiritual experience…you’re a spiritual being, having a human experience. Trust the divinity within you. And remember, as you empower yourself, you’ll empower your children to listen to their own intuition, too!

Let’s talk about tarot as self care. As a mother, it can be challenging to go to the bathroom behind a locked door-- how can mothers find quiet moments for ritual amidst their family chaos? What is your personal experience with this?

I work my spiritual practice into small moments within my day. I’m not perfect and I do get overwhelmed and miss some things, but it’s been a learning experience of how to balance my own priorities with my responsibilities as a mom.

Some examples of how I’ve added my connection to Spirit into daily life…

  • I pray while walking the dog every morning - I say good-morning to the Universe and ask my Angels for whatever I feel I need that day.

  • I speak my intentions over my coffee every morning and add cinnamon for luck & abundance. Whatever I need that day - for example motivation - I speak it into my cup and ask it to find me. Often I use reiki to enhance that as well.

  • I find time for myself while my son naps or if I wake up earlier than him. Probably not enough, but I try! Sometimes this means journaling, meditation, pulling a couple cards or just grounding myself in nature. I’ve been known to meditate in the car if we get to our destination and he’s still asleep haha!

There are many little ways to add your connection to Spirit into your day. When it comes to finding time to pull cards, that can be done anytime that works for you! For me, it’s best when my son is asleep because otherwise, he’s all up in my cards - future tarot reader over here! But the biggest tip here is to make it easy for yourself. A spiritual practice should not be hard. You are naturally a piece of the divine. So just weave it into your daily life!

Laura griffin spreading tarot cards

What advice do you have for mothers who are hesitant (or skeptical) to try tarot on how to get started?

For anyone who’s unsure, first off, give yourself time and grace. The idea of tarot or any kind of psychic tool can be a little scary for some people - and that’s okay! Especially if you grew up with certain beliefs or you just fear the unknown. So many times people tell me, “I want a reading but I’m scared of what you’ll see!” I honor that feeling because in the beginning I was scared of what truths would come from the cards, too.

If you’re unsure about starting your own journey with tarot, get a reading from someone else first! See how they do it, what comes through in the messages, and how you feel afterwards. Of course there is a lot of research that needs to be done on who you’re trusting to do your reading, first - but once you have the experience of someone else doing it for you, it might spark something in you to start your own journey too!

Even just reading a book about tarot or any spiritual tool / topic that you’re interested in helps your spirit open up to these new ideas and energies. So give yourself time and don’t feel pressured into anything. Again, listen to your intuition - wherever you’re called is where you’re meant to be.

Are there any particularly helpful tarot spreads that you recommend for motherhood reflection?

I personally am not big on using the traditional spreads, although I feel they’re a great tool for beginners! I feel that each reading will end up having a different combo and number of cards, or mix of oracle & tarot, etc.

But for example…let’s say you’re wondering how to balance motherhood & self care. You could pull 3 cards for mother hood, 3 cards for self-care, and maybe 2 cards in the middle to connect those. Each card could represent a different aspect of yourself or what you need in these key areas. Don’t make it too complicated - sometimes I find that the more cards there are, the messier it seems, especially when you’re just starting out!

A great way to get started is to pull a card a day. This is an overall message for you to reflect on and implement into your day. Keep a journal and see how this card’s energy presented itself to you once the day is done! There is no right or wrong way to read tarot, and again, it goes back to trusting your intuition and also getting creative. I love making my own spreads, each card aligning with a different question within one overall topic. Have fun with it!

Laura Griffin excited about the message coming through during a psychic reading with tarot cards.

How about tarot decks? Personally, I have used the classic Rider Waite, Golden Tarot by Kat Black, which features artwork from the late Medieval and early Renaissance, and my current favorite, Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes. Do you have any preferences you would like to share or advice on how to choose your own deck?

So I went a little against the “recommendations” in the tarot world and never used the Rider Waite until later in my tarot journey. It’s a great deck to begin with since it’s the original, but I didn’t resonate with the vibe!

So my big tip here is to trust yourself. Look online or in-person and see which cards call out to you. Maybe you’re more attracted to minimal design, or colorful and fun, or animal art. We live in a time of so many tarot decks that it can be almost hard to choose!

Sometimes you might just like the artwork but they don’t speak to you the way a deck should. So trust yourself and pick the deck that you feel connected to off the bat.

For me, this was my first deck: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans. I bought the deck online for myself and I have literally never stopped using it. I have quite a collection now but hardly use the other tarot decks (sorry hehe), and I even have the mini version to travel with for in-person readings. For whatever reason, the energy and overall aesthetic of this deck resonates with me deeply and I even have a tattoo of one of the cards now. So in summary…follow your gut, not just your eyes!

Laura Griffin using sage to cleanse her tarot cards after a psychic reading.

What is the difference between an oracle deck and a traditional tarot deck? How can mothers use an oracle deck for spiritual guidance?

I loveee oracle decks! They are much more simple and can get a lot more creative since they don’t follow the journey of tarot. There are decks with cuss words, decks with angels, decks based on tv and movies…the list goes on. Oracle decks have a lighter vibe to me, and can be a great tool in using your intuition as well since their card meanings are often less layered than tarot. Think of oracle as the fun cousin of tarot!

Moms can use oracle cards to show energies that are happening in the day, what messages to keep with them for strength or assurance, or may even be a good kind of deck to introduce your kids to card reading! There are child oracle card decks that are adorable and easy. It helps children trust their intuition and get positive messages for themselves too.

If you’re looking for an easier, lighter vibration kind of deck, oracle cards are for you! I also use them in combination with my tarot cards all the time for layered messages.

Tell us about The Gypsy Blues and the services and products you offer!

My specialty is just to be creative! So sometimes I’m making jewelry collections, sometimes I’m crafting dreamcatchers, and more often I’m working on candle collections and uniquely blended scents. You can find all of my products on my website and keep up with the creative process via Instagram.

I also provide psychic readings via email or in-person weekly at Stone & Sage in Milford, DE. This is the core of my business and what I know I was put on this planet to do in some form! So I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has trusted me with their reading this far. I hope one day to be able to provide reiki healing and more shamanic healings, but for now you can come sit with me and connect to your messages from Spirit!

Could you explain the process of getting a virtual tarot reading for those that may be interested? (from personal experience, I highly recommend Laura's virtual readings-- she is so insightful and clear and the messages she receives are spot-on!)

Email readings are just as good as in-person! Once you book on my website, I have a two-week deadline to have your reading sent by (this varies based on how booked I am or if life throws lemons my way - mom life!). I create sacred space in my home and can tap into your energy, angelic messengers, etc from right there. I often write mini-novels to send you all the messages that come through, and afterwards I’m available to email back and forth if there are any questions or more clarity needed in any area of your reading. One day I hope to have the availability to do video or phone call readings, but for now email works best for my lifestyle and I have only had positive reviews from each one!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to say that spirituality is a journey sacred to each individual. There is a lot of new-age movement in this field which can be great but also confuse people who are just entering into your spiritual awakening / learning. I always tell people to read books, find trusted psychics / astrologists / mentors, and most of all follow your intuition. If I would’ve known that discovering crystals six years ago would lead to me being a shaman and completely changing my life (for the better), I think I would’ve feared the journey too much to even begin! So stay open to changes and shifts in your world & within once you start implementing a spiritual practice into your daily life. And remember that as we grow and heal, we’re expanding the world for our children in the most beautiful ways. The picture is always bigger than just ourselves - and mama’s know that best.

Laura Griffin, owner of the Gypsy Blues.

How can people connect with you?

You can find me on Instagram @thegypsyblues - just be weary of scam accounts, I always have fakes that try to “sell” things to my followers.

My website is where you can find my products or book an email reading!

I work every Tuesday and some Saturdays at Stone & Sage in Milford, DE where you can sit with me for an in-person reading and shop their magical store!

I also have a Patreon where I do monthly & weekly readings, channeled messages, and more! I will be starting a Tarot Course over there by Summer for anyone interested in learning to read cards and embody the high priestess within you!

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