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DIY Fireplace for Santa | In-Home Holiday Maternity Photos & Baby's 1st Christmas Photo Sessions | Delaware Documentary Family Photographer

This Christmas, my kids and I made a fireplace for Santa. It is cute, but pretty kitsch: cardboard and paper mache construction; a felt mantle, bricks and logs; glittery paper flames; and battery operated twinkly lights for ambience. In years past, Santa has used a magical "Santa Key" to enter our home (in actuality this special key is a fancy bottle opener that used to live in the bottom of my purse until it found it's higher purpose). I am not sure how well our cardboard fireplace will hold up to attic storage, but I know for sure that my kids will remember that they helped to make it by hot glueing the bricks in place and cutting out the licks of flame. We proudly display our pictures with Santa on the mantle and enjoy it's glow by our tree at night.

Our DIY Papier Mache Santa Fireplace.

When I was growing up, my family lived in a tiny, two-bedroom apartment for a time. I slept with my grandmother on a pull-out in the living area-- there was no room for a Christmas tree that year. My mom made one though with green construction paper. She taped three triangle pieces to the wall, and we decorated it with dollar store window decals. That modest construction paper Christmas tree was the most memorable of my childhood. I am glad that our family took photos with it so that now as a mother, I can share those memories of my childhood with my kids.

You maybe expecting a baby in the new year, snuggling a newborn, or already have a houseful... No matter how the spirit of the holidays enters your home this season and regardless of whether your tree is real, artificial, or cut paper-- I hope that you remember to capture the memories you are making this year! For your kids-- and for theirs!

Here are some recent photos taken of real people making real holiday memories in their love-filled homes. Wishing you and your family a Christmas filled with love, laughter, and the joy of shared moments captured through the lens!

A couple embraces in front of the Christmas tree during a cozy in-home maternity photoshoot with Delaware photographer Alexandra Duprey.

a couple exchanges gifts under the Christmas tree during an in-home holiday documentary photo session in Delaware

an expectant father feels his wife's pregnant belly during an in-home holiday maternity session in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

an expectant father feels his wife's pregnant belly during an in-home holiday maternity session in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

a family celebrate Christmas morning in Wilmington, Delaware

a family celebrate Christmas morning with their Santa baby in Wilmington, Delaware

a santa baby

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