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Photographing the Older Newborn | Relaxed In-Home Photo Sessions | Philadelphia Documentary Newborn Photographer

Updated: Feb 2

a mother nurses her newborn during a Philadelphia documentary newborn photo session.

As a photographer specializing in documentary newborn photography, I absolutely love capturing authentic stories of early parenthood for Philadelphia area families.

What sets my approach apart from traditional posed newborn portraiture is the flexibility my relaxed, in-home sessions offer. Mamas have the ability to choose when they are ready for their newborn photo session -- this grants them the time needed to heal both physically and emotionally from childbirth. It also allows baby time to recover -- sometimes their little faces are bruised, swollen, or their eyes are bloodshot from the birthing process.

a mother nurses her newborn during a Philadelphia documentary newborn photo session.

As a mother of four myself, I recognize just how tender those first few weeks postpartum can be and always keep the needs of the family in mind when scheduling

While many other photographers might shy away from photographing older newborns, rigidly sticking to scheduling sessions within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, I know that this time frame can be restrictive and that sometimes my families need space to regroup and adjust to their new roles before they can even begin to think about photos. This flexibility allows families the opportunity to settle into their new routine and establish a sense of normalcy before inviting me over to take pictures.

I am then able to step into your home with the grace to photograph your baby at 1 month, at 2 months, and beyond, allowing your family to dictate the rhythm of the session. 

For families that choose to wait for newborn photos, one of the notable differences between photographing a baby that is just a few days old and an older newborn is that the older baby is most likely going to be awake for a majority of the the photo session. This wakefulness is a beautiful thing! I love to capture an infant's new and ever-expanding awareness of the world and awareness of the people who love them.

Waiting beyond the first 14 days, also creates an opportunity to capture storytelling moments that may be missed with a sleeping newborn baby.  If the baby is fussing, for example, then there are opportunities to photograph mom patting baby’s bottom in the glider, or dad swaying with baby in a cradle hold. It is these soothing touches and the unfiltered, raw love that defines early parenthood. If the baby needs to be fed-- I’m going to photograph your baby breastfeeding or taking a bottle. These moments are a part of your unique parenting story and should be captured! 

My documentary newborn photo sessions last up to 2 hours which takes the pressure off for when an older baby is cluster feeding or colicky.

You may notice a deliberate choice in my work – a conscious decision not to focus extensively on solo baby shots. Instead, I center my lens on what I like to call "babe-in-arms" photographs – capturing the baby in the arms of their parents and loved ones. These photographs showcase family connections and keep babies feeling safe and comfortable by fulfilling their biological need to be close to their caregivers. While I am fastidious about hand-washing and am up-to-date on all my vaccines, I try to minimize the amount I handle your infant. I truly believe that babies should be held by their mother's as much as possible and don't want to interfere with that important part of bonding!

As a documentary photographer, specializing in postpartum and newborn photos, my process is rooted in the belief that the beauty of early parenthood lies in its authenticity. If this means spit up and mustard poop-- I'm here to capture that too. I strive to photograph the genuine moments that define your family's story, allowing you to relive the tenderness and connection of these early months for years to come.

Have an older newborn?

It's never too late to start documenting their babyhood! To learn more about my newborn photo offerings click HERE.

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